I know it feels good to eat out at a restaurant or chill at a bar with your friends. But this behaviour is not always friendly to your wallet.

I am a student, maybe like you. And I found 5 ideas that allowed me to save easily.


1 – Who wants to go have a drink? 🙄

I know it can be hard to refuse a drink with your friends, but you will see that if you can say no, you will be saving a lot money !😜

Of course, this is not a reason to stop going out completely, nothing prevents you to chill with your friends sipping on a Coke instead!

If you are a couple, it’s even better to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend to have a « Netflix and Chill » evening !


2 – What’s better than good homemade food! 🍝

Okay I admit, I’m not a very good cook except when it comes to pasta.😆

However, I stopped buying sandwiches and ordering sushi. Although « I loveeee sushi. » Instead, I began preparing a meal for each lunch and quite frankly it’s really cool to cook, even more if you do it with your roommates or with your friends. You will see that after a week you will be making a lot of savings and your bank account will thank you.


3 – This evening travel by bus! 😇

It is much better to take an Uber or taxi to get home after a night out or when I’m in a hurry. But it is often an expense that I don’t have in my budget. In addition, if you compare a $ 15 taxi fare to a $ 3.25 transit fare the choice is quickly done, right?


4 – Make a budget that can be useful! 🤔

I know it does not seem obvious, but if you’re making a budget you will see that this will allow you to save money. Some will tell you to do that on Excel, I suggest you join me to download an application that will help you save money.

Here are 3 applications, I recommend. You can choose the one you prefer :

– I am using Bankin’.

–  Mint

–  Linxo


5 – Living roommates is a big saving ! 🙌

I lived a year alone in Montreal, and I quickly understood the interest that students have to live with roommates. This will allow you to make significant savings. Before, I had to pay for rent, bills and groceries by myself and it cost me dearly. When you start have roommates, you are able to share these expenses with your roommates. I promise you that the effect is immediate.

During 2 years I have lived with roommates at GetYourPlace, and if I needed to do it again I would not hesitate. But right now I live with my girlfriend. 😉


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