5 rules to get the best flatsharing experience!

I know that when we leave our family nest to live with roommates we all need a little adjusting to do. But do not worry you’ll get there !😉

That’s why I made a list of the top 5 rules to help you gain the best apartment sharing experience with roommates. #Iamyourfather 😜

1 – Know how to communicate, it will help.

If you do not manage to express yourself and you keep your feelings bottled inside you, nothing will change.

Do not be afraid to say things when they need to be said. Your roommate will not eat you if you bring up something important. For example, if she never does the dishes, it is important to tell her. You have to be able to keep conversations open even about the smallest things, so you can improve your relationship and understanding with your roommates. You can do it ! 🙏

2 – You’re not listening to me?

Well I love speaking it is true but I realized it was bad to not listen to others when they speak. Nobody is perfect, so it is important to listen to and accept the remarks of your roommates. There are days when your roommates are not necessarily in a good mood. Yes, it can happen. So, a little tolerance is always good. Give him or her space and everything will work out. 😜

3 – Are those my jeans you are wearing?

Sometimes I like some of my roommate’s clothes, but hey I won’t go into their room while they are not there.

Here is a little advice. Small but important: If you want to borrow something that belongs to one of your roommates, ask him or her before. For example, if you are going into their room, it is important to knock on the door before entering. You never know what they might be doing. (Know what I mean?)

4 – Who took my chocolate? 😤

Everyone has experienced that horrible moment when you prepare yourself a bowl of cereal but you realize that there is no more milk 😭. Yes, I know it’s annoying, but it’s not a reason to reach out for your roommate’s milk without asking. Here are my quick tips.

Yes, I know they are still small but they are important.

  • Ask your roommate if you can take something of theirs from the bridge before you decide to do so.
  • Divide the fridge between your roommates by shelves.
  • Do not eat or drool over your roommate’s food in the fridge in front of them.
  • Maybe one of your roommates has a similar eating diet as you, so try and see if you can buy groceries together.
  • I always bought my groceries with my roommates, so I was able to share and save money.

5 – Who’s turn is it to buy the toilet paper? 🙄

In my apartment sharing experience, a rule was introduced regarding our common expenses. If we were missing a few things in the apartment, we didn’t want to wait to know who was expected to buy what, we would go ourselves and then we would add our expenses on an application, which changed our lives believe it or not. We downloaded the Tricount application, which lets you create a group with all your roommates and add the expenses of each application. It then calculates what everyone owes at the end of the month to each other.

You’ll see, it’s fun! It’s an even better feeling at the end of the month when your roommates transfer what they owe you to pay you back. And you can grab a few cold beers with that. 😆

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