Why live in flatshare rather than alone?

From living in a new city and a new country may represent great challenges.
A student just arrived in Montreal must often cope with the new responsibilities he did not use to have when he was still with his family.

Therefore, the fact of choosing to live in roommate can be a good solution.

Living with others.

One of the most common fears of new students in Montreal is to be alone in an apartment.

Therefore, the fact of sharing his daily life with other students will fill this fear of loneliness. Live in roommate is sharing unforgettable moments, share meals, build strong relationships in friendship. In addition, one of the most important benefits, when you live in roommate, is feeling help during hard times like the exam periods.
With GetYourPlace apartments, you will have roommates worldwide. This will allow you to discover new cultures. This is perfect for making new friends and improve your foreign language.

Unity is strength!

We all know when it’s time to make a great combination! But when it comes to doing it with all your roommates makes it fun and easy. Live in roommate helps make tasks more enjoyable everyday life, like cleaning, washing dishes, cooking, etc.
In GetYourPlace apartments, maid service comes every two weeks in the common areas of apartments and it is included in the rent. The objective of this service offered by GetYourPlace is to facilitate life roommates.

It is always stronger several!

A relieved wallet!

One of the most important issues when living in roommate is well on that money. Live in roommate is sharing the rent, bills, etc. If you are lucky enough to have one of your roommates who has the same tastes as you try to share foods races, decorations, etc.

GetYourPlace you working hard to make your life easier roommate. Thus all related bills on the apartment are one single invoice. This will allow you to better manage your portfolio.

live in roommate to summarize is: meetings, new friendships, sharing an unforgettable experience and overcome loneliness.

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