5 better ways to enjoy your experience in Montreal

1 To choose the ideal district to live.

In Montreal, there are a large number of districts. Each district has its charm and its dynamism. This is why it is important to choose the district which corresponds to you the best. If you are a student, it is important to take into account the proximity to your university. On the GetYourPlace website, you will find a room in a district that suits and which is also close to your university.

2 Make the most of Montreal dynamism.

Throughout the year, Montreal remains a very dynamic city even during the winter, thanks to its a large number of festivals but also to the large variety of bar and restaurant. You can’t get bored!

3 websites to find out what’s going on in Montreal:




3 Create great relationships with your roommates.

Living in a flatshare is a golden opportunity to make friends ! The relationship between roommates and life is exceptional and when the atmosphere is good (over 90 % of students in GetYourPlace love their roommates!), it will help make your daily life and your experience in Montreal much more enjoyable. Living with roommates at GetYourPlace is primarily a enriching experience with students from all over the world, a great flatshare atmosphere, but also the apartments are ideally located near your university, or in a trendy neighborhood, and furnished and decorated by us.

4 Set a budget.

To make the most of your experience in Montreal, it is very important to set a budget. This will allow you to know exactly how it will remain you to make the most possible activities Montreal once you have paid all your bills (rent, cell, heating, etc.) Making a budget is painful but it will help you not overspending money. With GetYourPlace , you only have one bill for your home, it’s your rent, so it facilitates the management of your budget.

5 Go on a wild trip!

It only takes a few hours to go to Quebec, Toronto, Boston , New York, etc. Montreal offers this amazing opportunity to travel quickly and cheaply : Montreal opens you the doors of the adventure!

Tip: To travel as cheaply as possible is the bus:



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